West Texas Compressor Specialists - Vapor Recovery!  Smash gas fast!
West Texas Compressor Specialists provides gas compressors and lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units to the oil and gas industry. 

WTCS specializes in vapor recovery units, field gas boosters, and casing gas compression. We also take a total emissions control approach in providing storage tank thief hatches/vent valves sales, service, and inspection, flares or combustors, combined with a vapor recovery unit. Our gas compression packages are fully automated in house. We offer sales and services for reciprocating, rotary vane, and rotary screw compressor types packaged with electric motor or natural gas engines.

WTCS offers 2", 3", and 4" LACT units for truck haul or pipeline. Our units are welded and flanged complete with a charge pump, BS&W monitor, 3 way divert valve, PD meter, automatic sampling system, and 3 way prover manifold. Like our gas compressor packages, our LACT units are fully automated in house. 

Our field service is superior to our competitors. We thrive on a prompt response to any trouble call and provide excellent service to all equipment. We will guarantee a 98% run time efficiency on all your gas compressor or LACT unit packages.

Feel free to call us with any questions on our products or services @ 432-741-9668 or 432-524-4086!

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